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  • Ziemeļu 19, Liepāja, LV-3405

    +371 63443303
    Webpage: http://mebeludizains.lv
    Bathroom furniture, Bathroom furniture, Bathroom interior, Buffee, Building constructions, Bureaus, Children´s furniture, Davenport table, Design, Designed furniture, Dining room furniture, Door projecting, Exclusive furnniture, Front doors, Furnishing, Furniture, Furniture assembly, Furniture design, Furniture emplacement, Furniture on special order, Furniture ordering, Furniture producing, Furniture restoration, Furniture salon, Furniture selling, Furniturefitments, House furniture, Interior design elements, Internal doors, Kitchen apparatus, Kitchen furniture, Ladders, Living room furniture, Office furniture, Office furniture, Plastic doors, Plastic products, Plastic window sills, Selling stands, Staircase engineering, Staircase manufacturing, Store furniture, Timber material, Whole wooden furniture, Wooden doors, Wooden furniture, Wooden staircases, Wooden windows; Wood windows
  • Katrīnas 16a, Rīga, LV-1045

    +371 67216696
    Webpage: http://www.astro.com.lv
    Bar Appliances, Bar equipment, Boilers, Buffee, Caldrons, Candleholder, Catering company apparatus and supplies, Chairs, Degustatingtables, Dishware, Dishware for hotels and restaurants, Drinking cups, Forks, Frost appliances, Frostal technology, Gas burners; argand, Glass crockery, Kitchen dishes, Knives, Music centers, Pans, Porcelain tableware, Serving supplies, Show cases, Small home appliances, Spoons, Stainless steel dishware, Tableware, Textile products for hotels, Textile products for restaurants, Utensils, Vases
  • Kamenes, LV-2151, Siguldas pag., Siguldas nov.

    +371 67972155
    Webpage: http://www.oldpinedesign.com
    Bedroom furniture, Beds, Buffee, Bureaus, Cabinets, Carpenters work, Carpentry work, Chairs, Children´s furniture, Closets, Compartments, Designed furniture, Exclusive furnniture, Furnishing, Furniture, Furniture producing, House furniture, Kitchen furniture, Shelves, Tables, Whole wooden furniture, Wooden furniture