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  • Laki 5, Tallinn, 10621, Harjuma

    +372 56456651,+372 6555480
    Architectural design work, Architectural offices, Architecture, Automation engineering, Building constructions, Detailed planning, Electricity projects, Engineering companies, Geodetic works, Heating systems design, Indoor architecure, Landscaping, Project managing, Pumping plants, Road engineering, Sewerage systems designing, Technical inspections and expertise, Ventilation engineering
  • Kopli, Kulna küla, Lääne-Harju vald, 76603, Harjumaa

    +372 5658758
    Building constructions, Canopy, Fences; railings, Forming works, Framings, Gable halls, Gardens, Gates, Halls, Handrails, Hot zinc coating, Ladders, Machine building, Metal balconies, Metal barriers, Metal constructions, Metal products, Metal shelves, Metal spiral staircases, Sauna stove, Stainless metal products, Stairs, Threading, Welding works, Winding stairs
  • Bajāru ielu 22, Rīga, LV-1039

    +371 26584978
    Building constructions, Clasps, Doors, Facade plywood, Finishing materials, Fixating supplies, Furniture producing, Kitchen furniture, Ladders, OSB force plates, Plywood, Plywood cases, Saw service, Screws, Stairs, Timber trade, Transportation service, Veneered plates, Water proof plywood, Windows, Wood handling
  • Leņķa 9, Rīga, LV-1006

    +371 20306607
    Architectural offices, Architecture, Building company, Building constructions, Building insulation, Building poject, Building renovation, Construction projects, Construction supervision, Consulting and consultation, Detailed planning, Electric supply planning, Electricity projects, Electro - engineering works, Energy auditing, Engineering offices, Engineering works, Garden design projects, Geodesy, Heating systems, Land irade, Land register surveying, Land surveying, Landscaping, Planning projects, Projection of private houses, Reconstruction projects, Saules paneli, Sewerage systems designing, Structural design, Thermography, Topographical works, Ventilation systems, Water supply and sewerage, Water supply and sewerage systems design
    Currently closed - Will open today at 09
  • Tallinna 58, Kuressaare, 93818, Saaremaa

    +372 53084130
    Building constructions, Construction owner supervision, Construction projects expertise, Owner´s surveillance, Temographical analysis
  • Kvartsliiva 4, Tallinn, 11216, Harjumaa

    +372 6799300
    Building constructions, Building work, Container emplacement, Engineering works, Installation works, Metal construction emplacement, Metal constructions, Pipelines, Tanks
  • Rīgas 2b, Salacgrīva, LV-4033, Limbažu nov.

    +371 64041414
    Bitumishing paper, Building and reconstruction works, Building constructions, Building materials, Building tiles, Bulk wool selling, Cement, Construction chemistry, Decorative tiles, Doors, Dry walls, Fastening elements, Floor coverings for sale, Floor moldings, Floor plate, Floor tiles, General construction materials, Hydro isolation materials, Installation foam, Installation supplies; Fitting elements, Insulation material sale, Laminates, Moldings, Nails, OSB force plates, Paints, Plastering compounds, Plasters, Plumbing, Priming, Rockwool, Sanitary technical equipments, Screws, Thermal insulation, Tools, Windows and doors, glues, varnishes
    Currently closed - Will open today at 08
  • Rubeņu ceļš 62c, Raubēni, LV-3002, Cenu pag., Jelgavas nov.

    +371 29731298
    Beams, Building constructions, Machine building, Metal constructions, Metal products, Metal surface handling, Metal turning, Metalworking, Piant jobs, Turning and milling
  • Ventspils 63a, Rīga, LV-1046

    +371 28696567
    Bolts; cap screws, Building and repairing materials, Building blends, Building constructions, Building material selling, Building material wholesale, Building materials, Cement, Commerce, Construction chemistry, Constructional opening fillings, Dry blends, Emulsion, General construction materials, Hydro isolation materials, Mansory cement, Paint timting, Paints, Plastering compounds, Wallpaper, Wallpapers, glues, varnishes
    Currently closed - Will open today at 09
  • Zemnieku 32 , Liepāja, LV-3401

    +371 29450018
    Building constructions, Engineering companies
  • Rīgas 113-401, Salaspils, LV-2169, Salaspils nov.

    +371 67942100
    Building constructions
  • Jaunā 2 , Daugavpils, LV-5401

    +371 65444188
    Building constructions
  • Ziedu 9 , Babītes pag., LV-2101, Babītes nov.

    +371 29128092
    Building constructions
  • Bebru pļavas, LV-3913, Iecavas pag., Bauskas nov.

    +371 67165840
    Building constructions
  • Dunduru 1, Daugavpils, LV-5404

    +371 65432917
    Building constructions