Alumīnija metināšana, CNC metālapstrādes darbnīca, Metināšana, Metālapstrāde, Metālizstrādājumi pēc pasūtījuma;


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  • Lokomotīves iela 26, Rīga, LV1057

    +371 23302442
    Abrasive, Bitumenshindle, Boilers, Breething protectors, Building and repairing materials, Building blocks; building bricks, Ceilings, Clapboards, Construction chemistry, Costruction details, Doors, Dry blends, Dry walls, E-COMMERCE, E-SHOPS, Electric tools, Fastening elements, Fences; railings, Fireplace, Fixture nets, Floor boards, Frontal coffers, General construction materials, Ground heating systems, Handicraft tools, Handrails, Heating installations, Inner clapboards, Insulation material sale, Internal doors, Internet selling, Nails, Outer clapboards, Ovens, Paints, Radiators, Roof coatings sales, Roof surfaces, Roofings, SALE, Screws, Smoke pipes, Stairs, TRADE, Tarmac roofs, Thermal insulation, Tools, Wholesale, Windows, Work footwear, Working clothes, Working clothes and uniforms, Working gloves, Workplace safety , glues, varnishes
  • Maskavas iela 20, Rēzekne, LV4604

    +371 26364646
    Aluminium profile doors, Aluminium profile windows, Automatic gates, Balcony closing, Ceilings, Doors, Emplacement of garage doors, Emplacement of windows, Front doors, Garage doors, Garage gates, Gates, Industrial gates, Internal doors, Making winows, Metal doors, PVC doors, PVC windows, Plastic windows, Remote controllable gates, Remote controlled gates, Rome curtains, Sliding gates, Sun blinds, Vertical blinds, Window changing, Windows, Windows and doors
  • Peterburi tee 63a , Tallinn, 11415, Harjumaa

    +372 5155119
    Building and repairing materials, Building materials, Building tiles, CONSTRUCTION AND REAL ESTATE, Ceilings, Cement fibre plates, Construction supervision, Facade covering, Finishing materials, Walls
  • Kalevi tn 9-18, Tartu linn, Tartu linn, 51010, Tartu maakond

    +372 53406070
  • Liepu iela 3, Jersikas pagasts, LV5315, Līvānu novads

    +371 29690866
  • Aleksandra iela 9, Krāslava, LV5601, Krāslavas novads

    +371 26030391