Aianduskaubad, Kalastustarbed, Kaubandus, Kodukaubad, Kunstlilled, Matkatarbed


  • Pärnasalu 38, Saue, 76505, Harjumaa

    +372 6790888
    Accommodation, Bands, Catering, Company parties, Conference rooms, Excursions organizing, Holiday accommodation, Hosts, Manors, Organization of events, Organization of fierworks, Party rooms rental, Room rental, Sauna, Seminar halls, Seminars, Suites, Tourism, Training hall rental
  • Rāmavas 9, Rāmava , LV-2111, Ķekavas pag., Ķekavas nov.

    +371 26133833
    Accommodation, Accommodation in Latvia, Accommodation in Ramava, Ball room rental, Holiday accommodation, Holiday trips, Hotels, Hotels in Latvia, Latvian Hotels, Manors, Organization of events, Party catering, Room decorating, Seminar halls, Seminars, Tourism, Tourism and Holiday, Wedding caterers, Wedding party, Wedding servicing, Weddings, Youth camps
  • Kooli 1, Roosna-Alliku, Roosna-Alliku vald, 73201, Järvamaa

    +372 53340069
    Arranging parties of a company, Birthday arranging, Catering, Company parties, Conference room rental, Conference rooms, Entertainment, Manors, Organization of events, Organization of events, Party rooms rental, Seminar halls, Spare time, Tourism, Tourism and Holiday, Weddings
  • Kiltsi, Väike-Maarja vald, 46201, Lääne-Virumaa

    +372 5202921
    Architectural monuments, Arranging conference , Children camps, Class trips, Exhibitions, Guide services, Learning trips, Manors, Organization of events, Tourism and Holiday, Weddings
  • Vecmuiža, LV-4022, Liepupes p., Salacgrīvas n.

    +371 26477996
    Accommodation, Active tourism, Bicycle rental, Camping grounds, Guest Houses, Holiday accommodation, Manors, Organization of events, Party catering, Place for sporting events, Room decorating, Sauna, Seminar arranging, Seminar services, Sports ground, Sport´s camps, Terraces, Tourism and Holiday, Wedding caterers, Wedding party, Wedding servicing, Youth camps
  • Taagepera , Helme vald, 68501, Valgamaa

    +372 7666390
    Accommodation, Backpacking; hiking, Catering, Game hunting, Holiday accommodation, Hotels, Lave tub, Manors, Party rooms rental, Rest houses, Restaurant, Sauna, Seminar halls, Tourism, Wedding servicing, Weddings
  • Bīriņi, Vidrižu pag., LV-4013, Limbažu nov.

    +371 29244927
    Excursions organizing, Hotels, Manors, Seminar halls, Tourism
  • Sanatorija 2, Tērvete, LV-3730, Tērvetes pag., Tērvetes nov.

    +371 29297084
    Accommodation, Accommodation in Latvia, Active tourism, Boat rental, Catering, Culture events, Fishing, Guest Houses, Holiday accommodation, Holiday trips, Horseback riding, Manors, Organization of events, Play grounds, Rest houses, Shower stalls, Skiing, Sleigh ride, The whole family vacations, Tourism and Holiday, WIFI Internet
  • Ungurmuiža, LV-4146, Raiskuma pag., Pārgaujas nov.

    +371 22007332
    Architecture, Bed and breakfast, Bicycle rental, Bicycles, Catering, Catering services, Culture houses, Excursions organizing, Guest Houses, Guide services, Holiday camps, Holiday trips, Holiday villages, Manors, Museums, Out door catering, Resort village, Restaurant, The whole family vacations, Tourism, Tourism and Holiday, Wedding caterers, Wedding servicing
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  • Kiili vald, Nabala, 75407, Harjumaa

    +372 56959186
  • Anija, Anija vald, 74402, Harjumaa

    +372 6046510
  • Koluvere, Kullamaa vald, 90702, Läänemaa

    +372 5051974
  • Blankenfelde, LV-3026, Vilces pag., Jelgavas nov.

    +371 27810348
  • Eistvere, Imavere vald, 72401, Järvamaa

    +372 5013370
  • Keskvere, Martna vald, 90642, Läänemaa

    +372 5526328