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  • Atmodas 26, Aizpute, LV-3456

    +371 29295676
    Webpage: https://www.versitis.lv
    AGRICULTURE, Agricultural services, Bricks, Building and reconstruction works, Building and repairing materials, Building company, Building of private houses, Car maintenance and repair, Car services, Cargo transport, Carriage services, Chains, Children's clothes, Children's goods, Chimneys, Concrete mixers, Deforestation services, Deforestation works, Doors, Dumper rental, Dumper truck services, Electrical installation works, Excavator works, Excavators, Finishing works, Firewood sale, Fish breeding, Fishing equipment, Forest immovable purchasing, Forest plants, General construction, General construction materials, Gravel transportation, Harvesting machinery, Heating systems, Heatingwood, Household goods, Hydraulic shovel rental, Keys, Locks, Men´s clothing, Micro vans, Mini excavator - loader rental, Miniexcavator rental, Moldings, Nails, Pack buses, Peat, Perforating equipment, Radiators, Renovating, Road construction machinery services, Roof surfaces, Roofings, Roofs, Room rental, Saws, Scaffolding, Scaffolds, Screws, Small home appliances, Stock growing , TRANSPORT, TRANSPORT SERVICES, Tent trailers, Tiber exporting, Timber trade, Tractor services, Tractor spare parts, Tractors, Trailer carriage, Transportation of bulk materials, Transportation service, Trucks, Tyre selling, Warehouse rental, Water supply and sewerage, Wheel loader rental, Women´s clothes, Work footwear, Working clothes
  • Järve tn 2, Kristiine linnaosa, Tallinn, 11314, Harju maakond

    +372 5057516
    Women´s clothes
  • Estonia pst 1, Kesklinna linnaosa, Tallinn, 10143, Harju maakond

    +372 5028244
    Women´s clothes
  • Pärnu mnt 35, Pärnu-Jaagupi alev, Põhja-Pärnumaa vald, 87201, Pärnu maakond

    +372 56467299
    Women´s clothes
  • Loitsu tn 1-64, Lasnamäe linnaosa, Tallinn, 13622, Harju maakond

    Women´s clothes
  • Tērbatas iela 6/8 , Rīga , LV-1050

    +371 67304012
    Women´s clothes
  • Jaunā 12, Piņķi, LV2107, Babītes pag., Mārupes nov.

    +371 26345265
    Women´s clothes
  • Mālkalnes prospekts 18, Ogre, LV5001, Ogres novads

    +371 29786723
    Women´s clothes
  • Salaspils iela 16, Rīga, LV1057

    +371 29551802
    Women´s clothes
  • Lai 11, Pärnu, 80010 , Pärnumaa

    +372 6555233
    Women´s clothes
  • Pärnu maantee 8, Tallinn, 10140 , Harjumaa

    +372 6310514
    Women´s clothes