Bīdāmās durvis, Celtniecības materiāli, Celtniecības putas, Celtniecības un remonta materiāli, Hermetizācijas materiāli, Hidroizolācijas materiāli, PVC durvis, PVC logi, Salaiduma vietu hermetizācija, Siltināšanas materiālu tirdzniecība,


  • Otepää küla, Otepää vald, 67403, Valgamaa

    +372 53300737
    Webpage: http://www.inpuit.eu
    Balcony barriers, Bathing barrels, Building a sauna, Camping grounds, Children´s playgrounds, E-shops, Fence posts; - poles, Furniture for gardens, Game houses, Garden houses, Garden panels, Gardens, Gates, Grill houses, Heating pellets, Outhouse, Pavilions, Pelletcaldrons, Play grounds, Sale, Sauna, Sauna building, Shelves, Staircase cheeks, Staircase manufacturing, Staircase rails, Staircase sale, Stairs, Swings, Transport, Wood granule sale, Wooden product making, businessregion.mänguväljakute ehitus
  • Ēdoles iela 5, Rīga, LV-1055

    +371 22443221
    Webpage: http://www.precesdarbam.lv
    Animal supplies, Awnings, Baby goods, Building and repairing materials, Building material selling, Building material wholesale, Building materials, Car facilities, Car spare parts, Catering company apparatus and supplies, Catering company equipment, Cosmetics, E- commerce, E-shops, Electrical tools, Fire places, Fireplace, Fireplace selling, Fireplace supplies, Game houses, Garden houses, Gardening machinery, Gardening tools, Gardening; horticulture, Greenhouses, Heating installations, Home goods, Horticultural goods, Household appliances, Household goods, Internet selling, Ladders, Metal refining apparatus, Metal refining supplies, Office suplies, Ore moulding products, Ovens, Perfumery, Play grounds, Pro tools, Sanitary engineering. Bathroom furnishings, Sauna stove, Small home appliances, Sporting goods, Stairs, Swimming pools, Tool sale, Tools, Toys, Tyre selling, Tyres, Wood handling equipmence, Working clothes, Zoo goods
    Currently closed - Will open on Monday at 08:30
  • Graudu 4a, Jelgava, LV-3001

    +371 22003325
    Webpage: http://www.alejasprojekti.lv
    Burnishing maintenance, Founding of burnishing, Garden design, Garden engineering, Gardening; horticulture, Grass carpet, Green area works, Landscape designing, Landscaping, Landscaping Projects, Lawn mowing, Maintenance work, Nursery establishing, Ornamental bushes, Ornamental trees, Pavement emplacement, Pavement stones, Paving stone emplacement works, Paving stones, Play grounds, Playground establishing, Provisional jobs of public services adn amenties, Snow cleaning, Sports ground establishing, Styling of gardens, Transplanted grass, Transplanted grass emplacement, Tree design cutting, Tree planting, Young plant selling
    Currently closed - Will open on Monday at 08
  • Ganību dambis 25a, Rīga, LV-1005

    +371 67382564
    Webpage: http://www.ergoss.lv
    Furniture on special order, Furniture producing, Furniturefitments, Game houses, Play grounds, Timber material, Wood handling, Wood trade
    Currently closed - Will open on Monday at 09
  • Vasavere küla, Alutaguse vald, 41204, Ida-Virumaa

    +372 53057776
    Webpage: https://www.alutaguse.com
    Accommodation, Adventure tracks, Backpacking; hiking, Cafes, Camping, Camping grounds, Catering, Catering, Catering of groups, Entertainment, Hiking trails, Holiday accommodation, Holiday camps, Holiday villages, Party rooms rental, Play grounds, Resort village, Room rental, Sauna, Seminars, Spare time, Sport, Sport centres, Sports equipment rental, Tenting places
  • Vidzemes iela 4c, Ogre, LV-5001, Ogres nov.

    +371 25551825
    Webpage: http://www.buver.lv
    Area improvement, Building and reconstruction works, Building of private houses, Building renovating, Construction of industrial buildings, Fences; railings, Gates, Gates automation, Maintenance work, Metal products, Metal selling, Play grounds, Provisional jobs of public services adn amenties
  • Sanatorija 2, Tērvete, LV-3730, Tērvetes pag., Tērvetes nov.

    +371 29297084
    Webpage: http://www.palenaapartamenti.lv/
    Accommodation, Accommodation in Latvia, Active tourism, Boat rental, Catering, Culture events, Fishing, Guest Houses, Holiday accommodation, Holiday trips, Horseback riding, Organization of events, Play grounds, Rest houses, Shower stalls, Skiing, Sleigh ride, The whole family vacations, Tourism and Holiday, WIFI Internet
  • Ainažu 74, Saulkrasti, LV-2160, Saulkrastu nov.

    +371 67955198
    Webpage: http://www.minhauzens.lv/lv/minhauzena-unda
    Accommodation, Cafes, Camping, Conference rooms, Holiday accommodation, Holiday at the seaside, Hotels, Hotels in Latvia, Latvian Hotels, Minigolf, Party catering, Place for sporting events, Play grounds, Sauna, Sauna with pool, Seminar halls, Sports ground, Television, Tenting places, Tourism and Holiday, Wedding caterers, Wedding servicing
  • Mežvītoli, LV-4129, Mārsnēnu pag., Priekuļu nov.

    +371 26480446
    Webpage: http://www.mazaiskastanis.lv
    Building and reconstruction works, Building and repairing materials, Furniture for gardens, Garden houses, Kitchen furniture, Log baths, Log cabins; Log houses, Log house building, Log house restorating, Log sauna, Milled beam houses, Play grounds, Restoration, Restoration works, Sauna, Sauna furnishings, Summerhouse constructing, Summerhouses, Transportation service, Wood handling, Wooden buildings, Wooden framework building, Wooden garden furniture, Wooden houses
  • Katrīnkalns, LV-4101, Drabešu pag., Amatas nov.

    +371 64107102
    Webpage: http://www.byko.lv
    Barriers of fences, Children´s playgrounds, Fence posts; - poles, Finishing materials, Furniture for gardens, Garden panels, Gates, Heating pellets, Ladders, Play grounds, Sand boxes, Swings, Terraces, Timber material, Windows and doors, Wooden garden furniture, Wooden houses, Wooden railings
    Currently closed - Will open on Monday at 09
  • Vienības gatve 87d, Rīga, LV-1004

    +371 67616465
    Webpage: http://www.fixman.lv
    Area improvement, Children´s playgrounds, Furniture for gardens, Game houses, Garbage bins, Gyms, Maintenance work, Park benches, Park desiging, Play grounds, Playground establishing, Provisional jobs of public services adn amenties, Sports ground establishing, Wooden garden furniture
  • Līdumi, Olaines pag., LV-2127 , Olaines nov.

    +371 29128565
    Webpage: http://www.lidums.lv
    Beams, Building and repairing materials, Drying service, Facade materials of grid, Fence posts; - poles, Play grounds, Sawn timber, Staircase rails, Terrace boards, Terrace constructing, Wood handling, Wooden window desingn elements
  • Kalveri, LV-4301, Ziemeru pag., Alūksnes nov.

    +371 64381663
    Webpage: http://www.vernersundraugi.lv
    Barriers of fences, Garden design, Play grounds, Wood handling, Wooden fences
  • Bāči, LV-3314, Kabiles pag., Kuldīgas nov.

    +371 29221740
    Bed and breakfast, Farming tourism, Guest Houses, Hotels in Latvia, Latvian Hotels, Play grounds, Rest houses, Sauna, The whole family vacations, Tourism and Holiday, Tourism farms
  • Paldiski mnt 155-20, Tallinn, 13518, Tallinn

    +372 53034815
    Play grounds