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  • Osmussaare 10, Tallinn, 13811, Harjumaa

    +372 5293124
    Webpage: https://katusefirma.ee
    Facade works, Flat roof building, Flat roof thermal insulation, Flat roofs, Gable roof building, Gable roofs, Light gauge roofs, Lightning arrester, Rainwater systems, Roof constructions, Roof works, Roofs, Stone roofs, Tarmac roofs, Tin facades, Tin roofs, Waterproofing works, Wooden facades
  • Teguri 30, Tartu, 50107, Tartumaa

    +372 5010754
    Webpage: http://etpehitus.ee
    Building and reconstruction works, Building company, Building work, Facade covering, Facade heat engineering, Facade reconstruction, Facade reparations, Facade works, Frontal coffers, Gable roof building, General construction, Light bulkheads, Mansory works, Plasterworks, Repair works, Roof building, Roof works, Roofing emplacement and repairing, Roofing works, Roofs, Stone roofs, Tilingworks, Tin facades, Tin roofs, Wooden facades
  • Daugavpils 37, Preiļi, LV5301, Preiļu nov.

    +371 26703584
    Webpage: https://labijumti.lv
    Blemishes Products, Building tiles, Chimneys, Edge stains, Facade covering, Facade works, Finishing materials, Front doors, Frontal coffers, Internal doors, Leaf metal, Leaf metal handling, Leaf metal products, Metal doors, PVC doors, PVC windows, Plastic doors, Plastic window sills, Plastic windows, Rainwater guttering, Rainwater systems, Roof constructions, Roof domes, Roof ladders, Roof panels, Roof profiles, Roof supplies, Roof surfaces, Roof works and materials, Roofing emplacement and repairing, Roofing materials, Roofing sheets, Roofings, Shingle roofs, Skylight windows, Smoke pipes, Steel doors, Tin facades, Tin roofs, Tin works, Tinman works; plater works, Window sills, Windows and doors
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