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Address:Āres, Augstkalne, LV-3709, Dobeles nov.
Phone: +371 29256981
+371 29985545 Ofiss

Our company was privately founded in 1996 and all this time it has been working in the grain area. Our commercial partners are both producers and trade companies from Latvia, Lithuania, and Estonia and other countries. We offer transport services, providing grain pre-processing, grain storage services to local farmers.

If your company works with us you always: 

-Receive money in terms!

-Solve operatively yours necessity!

-Obligations are completely carried out!

Company "AGROTIRDZNIECĪBAS KOMPĀNIJA, Sabiedrība ar ierobežotu atbildību" legal information 40003302398
Legal address: Dobeles nov., Augstkalnes pag., Augstkalne, "Āres", LV3709
Registration date: 22.07.1996
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