Darba drošība, Ugunsdrošības signalizācijas, Ugunsdrošības signalizāciju projektēšana, Ugunsdzēšamo aparātu apkope, Ugunsdzēšamo aparātu kontrole
Address:Kotka 12 (Kotka Tervisemaja C korpuse II korrus), Tallinn, 11315, Harjumaa
Phone: +372 53311099
E-mail: parema@kuulmiseni.ee

* Hearing aids, hearing aid maintenance and batteries;

* Inner ear implants, bone marrow implants, hearing implants, batteries;

* Audiological diagnostic apparatus;

* Sound insulation booths

Services: selecting and configuring hearing aids, delivering demo units of different levels, if desired, for 7-14 days; hearing consultancy, consultancy with an audiologist and, if necessary, a KNK, consultancy, sale of hearing aids, maintenance and repair products and batteries.

Health Board license No. L04225; Contractor of the Social Insurance Board for the purchase of hearing aids with state support.