Apdares materiāli, Baseinu flīzes, Celtniecības materiāli, Dekoratīvās flīzes, Iekštelp
Address:Šampētera 1, Rīga, LV1046
Phone: +371 27274646
E-mail: info@gunsnlasers.lv

GUNSnLASERS - the best airsoft, lasertag and paintball in Riga!
Want to experience more special than usual? Want to celebrate birthday, graduation, hen or bachelor party, or meeting friends with an interesting and exciting experience? Lasertag, airsofts and paintball are a great idea for a new adventure and memorable moments with the family and friends.
Why choose GUNSnLASERS
-  Extensive and landscaped outdoor and indoor areas from 120m2 to 2600m2
-  Three easily reachable locations (with public transport and a private car) in Riga - Sampeteris, Mezaparks, Jugla
- Very good customer feedback in Facebook, Google+ and TripAdvisor
-  Fascinating, friendly and experienced game instructors
- A wide range of additional equipment - suits, smoke candles, grenades, etc.
To reserve a game, call +371 27 274 646, write an e-mail to info@gunsnlasers.lv or contact GUNSnLASERS Facebook!
You can submit the game to your desired day and time - even at night, because the areas are lit and adapted to play even during the dark hours of the day.
A small insight into the ways of gaming!
No matter which game you choose - airsoft, laser tag or paintball - you will get quality and safe equipment and exciting time.
- Laser tag - a hit with a slight vibration, so there is no bruise. There is no charge for additional bullets or other equipment. Precise hit up to 250m, not affected by weather. In the event of a hit, you have to run to the base to restore "life" and continue the game.
- Paintball - a popular way to entertain and actively spend holidays or leisure. The strength of the shot can be adjusted so that there is no bruise in the event of a hit. The point is counted when the stain remains after the hit. Before the start of the game, the instructor will give you directions from where you can shoot.
- Airsofts - realistic combat weapon imitations that shoot exactly 60m away. Comparatively cheap balls or bullets. Airsofts is a battle simulation game that especially attracts gentlemen.
Feel the spirit of adrenaline and race, trying to reach the goal first - to conquer the base, roll up the flag or find a secret suitcase! GUNSNLASERS game managers will have created an exciting task according to the age and desires of the players.
Airsofts, laser tag and paintball are team games that need to work out the most appropriate strategy and collaborate.  GUNSNLASERS is the right place to:
- celebrate birthday;
- celebrate a stag or hen party;
- class trip;
- organizing a work group sports game or event;
- spend time with friends
If you are in Riga, you should definitely try a laser tag, paintball or airsofts. Join the game and meet at one of four GUNSNLASERS squares!

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