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Address:Rušonu iela 28, Rīga, LV1057
Phone: +371 26352049
E-mail: office@intest.lv

INTEST supply the markets of Latvia, Lithuania and Estonia with the MOOG company's products, manufacturer of servo-hydraulic and servo-electric systems. INTEST laboratory, equipped with all necessary equipment of MOOG company, carries out service repair, minor and capital repair of servo and proportional valves (mechanical and electronic feedback) with the use of MOOG spare parts and technology.
INTEST supplies hydraulic equipment (such as hydraulic packs, hydraulic pumps, hydraulic motors, hydraulic valves, filters, etc.) manufactured by Vickers, Denison, Danfoss, BoschRexroth, Parker, Hydac and others.
INTEST also offers repairs of pumps and motors from Denison and BoschRexroth.

Company "Intest, SIA" legal information

Reg.nr: 40103692437
Legal address: Rīga, Rušonu iela 28, LV1057
Registration date: 19.07.2013
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