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The First Choice Infertility Treatment and Reproductive Genetics Clinic iVF Riga (Latvia) is a centre for ART and reproductive genetics in Riga that specializes in infertility diagnosis and treatment. iVF Riga is a professional unite of three modern medical institutions: Infertility Treatment Clinic, Centre for Reproductive Genetics and Centre for Stem Cells, which collects, processes, stores and soon will provide cell therapy. iVF Riga Clinic meets all requirements of quality standards ISO 9001:2008 recognized worldwide. The clinic has also been successfully certified in accordance with ISO 15189:2013. iVF Riga Clinic is the leader in the introduction of various innovative technologies. The Head of the clinic, its medical director and the leading specialist in gynecology and reproductive medicine is Dr. Violeta Fodina, who has been working in the field of reproductology more than 15 years. In 2014, the Centre for Reproductive Genetics was opened based on the iVF Riga clinic, the first in the Baltic States and Northern Europe. Equipped with the latest medical technologies, the Genetic Laboratory of the Centre for Reproductive Genetics carries out a wide range of in-depth genetic examinations (including Fertility examinations for infertile couples).

We offer treatment:

             All kind of Female/Male Infertility Diagnosis and Infertility Treatment

•             All kind of Donor programs

•             The first official Reproductive tissue bank in the Baltic States (cryopreservation of the genetic material – eggs, sperm and embryos)

•             Fertility preservation for oncology patients

             Services of the Centre for Reproductive Genetics:

ü  Preimplantation genetic testing of embryos at the chromosome and gene level (PGS and PGD)

ü  Genetic consultations

ü  Karyotyping

ü  Molecular genetic testing

ü  Genetic tests for the complex examination of female/male infertility (Female/Male Fertility Tests)

ü  Genetic passports for the newborns

•             Prenatal Care


·             Acupuncture


Skatīt "iVF Riga, SIA", juridisko informāciju. 40103352569
Legal address: Rīga, Zaļā iela 1, LV1010
Founded: 07.12.2010
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