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Address:Katrīnas dambis 18 A, Rīga, LV1045
Phone: +371 67790700

SIA MAGMA was founded in 23 February 1996. SIA MAGMA is 100 % Latvian company, which has grown from a small family company to the stable, trusty and dynamic Latvian company. SIA MAGMA offers to it’s clients maximally full service package from consultations to introduction in commerce.
The only manufacturer of flexible fittings and faucets in Latvia! Our products are chosen by more than 450 plumbing stores and designers, as well as countless households in Europe!

Company "MAGMA SIA" legal information 40003284410
Legal address: Rīga, Katrīnas dambis 18A, LV1045
Registration date: 23.02.1996
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