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Address:Skaļupes, LV-4110, Līgatnes pag., Līgatnes nov.
Phone: +371 64161915
+371 26467747
Fax:+371 64161912

 In the territory of the rehabilitation centre Līgatne, 9 m underground, there is a well-equipped facility with a total area of 2,000 sq.m, whose secrecy grading was removed only in 2003. Bunker was built fot the needs of political and state authority elite of the 1980-ies for state administration in case of nuclear war.

Guided tours in the Bunker, meals in the canteen of Soviet style encluded –every Saturday, Sunday at 12.00, 14.00, 16.00 - 4.30 Ls (per person). Ambition of reality game “Objekts X” is let competitors get into the secret agent roles and comply secret mission in authentic environment.


Skatīt "Rehabilitācijas centrs "Līgatne", SIA", juridisko informāciju. 40003273506
Legal address: Līgatnes nov., Līgatnes pag., "Skaļupes", LV4110
Founded: 20.11.1995
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