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Address:Skaļupes , LV-4110, Līgatnes pag., Līgatnes nov.
Phone: +371 64161915
+371 26467747
Fax:+371 64161912
E-mail: ligatne.rehcentrs@gmail.com
Open hours: Medicīna, rehabilitācija P-Pk: 8-17; S-Sv: 9-16

Rehabilitation center Ligatne is located in one of the most beautiful and green places of Latvia – Ligatne. On arrival to our Centre you will be surprised by the beauty of nature, which already on itself is relaxing and healing.

“Rehabilitation centre Ligatne” offers a complex of medical rehabilitation services, using medical rehabilitation equipment and technologies, health and beauty programmes and procedures.  Working with the patient in the rehabilitation center, each member of a multidisciplinary team carries out its clear responsibilities, and is responsible for an individual approach towards achieving the rehabilitation goal. 

Skatīt "Rehabilitācijas centrs "Līgatne", SIA", juridisko informāciju.

Reg.nr: 40003273506
Legal address: Līgatnes nov., Līgatnes pag., "Skaļupes", LV4110
Founded: 20.11.1995
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