Prokivi Tänavakivi paigaldus, Haljastuse rajamine, Haljastustööd, Kivid, Muru rajamine, Müürit?
Address:Saulstari, LV-2170, Mores pag., Siguldas nov.
Phone: +371 29444662
+371 26539222
+371 29664014

Luxury guest house in a unique environment - a deer garden. Rooms fo conference, celebration, sauna, hot tub. Wireless internet, projector, etc. Enjoy exclusive venison and wild boar dishes, Latvian forest and nature( By previous appointment) . Fishing, swimming, boats. Picnic and camping site. Organization of events, weddings. Archery and events in medieval style. Inspection of deer, fallow deer, white deer and wild boar, their feeding by hand. In total, more than 500 animals.

Company "SAULSTARI-1, Rīgas rajona Siguldas novada Mores pagasta zemnieka saimniecība" legal information 49501002784
Legal address: Siguldas nov., Mores pag., "Saulstari 1", LV2170
Registration date: 06.01.1992
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