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Address:Kaururaja, Kaurutootsi küla, Otepää vald, 67307, Valga maakond
VAT number:EE101415565
Phone: +372 56230922
E-mail: info@toidupada.ee

*Toidupada offers experience catering in the middle of nature in a cozy log house or yard. It is also possible to rent the entire complex with overnight stay and use of the smoke sauna. We also offer the option of ordering a catering service at a place of your choice all year round, both indoors and outdoors.

Company "OÜ TOIDUPADA" legal information

Reg.nr: 12004233
Legal address: Valga maakond, Otepää vald, Kaurutootsi küla, Kaururaja, 67307
Registration date: 11.10.2010
Status:Registrisse kantud
VAT number:EE101415565