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Specially protected cultural monument - Turaida Museum Reserve
The Turaida walled castle is a part of the Turaida museum reserve, which is recognized in Latvia and the world, and which is visited by more than 260,000 visitors every year. The open-air exposition of the museum reserve "Historical Center of Turaida" covers an area of 57.86 hectares. It houses the medieval castle complex, Baznīckalns, a wooden church, the memorial site of Turaida Roze and the manor's economic building. The Garden of Songs and Dainu Kalns is dedicated to Latvian folk songs, which since its opening in 1985 has become one of the symbols of the Revival period, with 26 stone sculptures created by the sculptor Induļis Rankas harmoniously integrated into the natural environment, which reveal the poetry of the people's way of life. The expositions created in the museum reserve tell about the events of a thousand years in the context of Latvian and European history.
Photo: from the archives of the Turaida Museum Reserve