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Address:Kandavas 39, Rīga, LV-1083
Phone: +371 67624955
Fax:+371 67805542
E-mail: info@zr.lv
Open hours: P.-Pk.: 9-18

 Golden Autumn printing house offers printing services of various complexity. During its operation, since August 9, 1994, the printing house "Golden Autumn" has formed a real professional team. Our printing house is constantly expanding its potential and technical base. We use modern equipment, professionalism of employees and a well-trained team of managers to promote your products in the market and promote your company's advertising and business. The capabilities of the "Golden Autumn" printing house allow us to fulfill small orders from 1 to 200 copies when printing digitally, as well as large orders when printing offset. New computer technologies, technical possibilities and modern equipment allow our printing house to fulfill all stages of printing and post-processing. We perform a full range of printing work, from the development of original models to the publication of any finished advertising and book products. Our printing house offers you to print books in soft, hard and integral binding in both small editions and editions of more than 3000 copies. A complex solution for any printing task will help to design and produce non-standard, elite and exclusive printed work

Company "Zelta Rudens Printing, SIA" legal information

Reg.nr: 40103645998
Legal address: Rīga, Kandavas iela 39, LV1083
Founded: 08.03.2013
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