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  • Lille 3, Jõhvi, 41536, Ida-Virumaa

    +372 3322033
    Air-air warmth pumps, Air-water heat pumps, Barrel baths, Caldrons, Central heating system emplacement, Central heating systems, Chimneys, Fire centre, Fireplace, Fireplace building, Fireplace supplies, Glazing works , Heating installations, Heating systems, Ovens, Pellet fireplaces, Pottery works, Sauna furnishings, Sauna stove, Sauna supplies, Saunas, Septics, Stoves, Tanks
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  • Kalna iela 6 - 1, Lutriņi, LV3861, Lutriņu pag., Saldus nov.

    +371 28877335
    Webpage: https://kokakublins.lv
    Barrel baths, Building a sauna, Children's parties , Hot water tubs, Outdoor sauna, Ready-made sauna, Sauna building, Sauna for sale, Saunas, Steam baths, Steam sauna, Summer sauna for sale, Summer sauna production, The whole family vacations
  • Cīruļu 10B, LV-2141, Inčukalna pag., Inčukalna nov.

    +371 22330885
    Webpage: http://purgaili.lv/
    Accommodation, Accommodation in Latvia, Arranging conference , Barrel baths, Bicycle rental, Boat rental, Camping, Conference room rental, Conference rooms, Fire room, Fishing, Funeral feast, Guest Houses, Holiday accommodation, Place for sporting events, Sauna with pool, Saunas, Seminar halls, Seminar services, Seminars, Spa services, Sports ground, Tenting places, Tourism and Holiday, Wedding servicing
  • Pikk tn 12, Väätsa alevik, Türi vald, 72801, Järvamaa

    +372 53443556
    Webpage: https://www.plastekor.ee
    Barrel baths, Containers for spesific purpose, Drainage system, Fat traps, Flag posts, Hot tub, Oil traps, Plastic container selling, Plastic glass containers, Pools, Pumping plants, Septics, Snow ploughs, Tanks, Waste water pumping plants, Water tanks